Deze albizia staat in Rhenen in een tuin langs de Herenstraat, de hoofdweg die de stad doorkruist.  In de zomer van 2013  viel mijn oog er opeens op terwijl ik er al tien zomers een paar keer per week ben langsgereden. 

Albizia  is a genus of about 150 species of mostly fast-growing subtropical and tropical trees and shrubs in the subfamily Mimosoideae of the family Fabaceae. The genus is pantropical, occurring in Asia, Africa, Madagascar, America and Australia, but mostly in the Old World tropics. In some locations, some species are considered weeds.

They are commonly called silk plantssilk trees, or sirises. The obsolete spelling of the generic name - with double 'z' - is still common, so the plants may be called albizzias. The generic name honors the Italian nobleman Filippo degli Albizzi, who introduced Albizia julibrissin to Europe in the mid-18th century.[1] Some species are commonly calledmimosa, which more accurately refers to plants of genus Mimosa. Species from southeast Asia used for timber are sometime termed East Indian walnut.

They are usually small trees or shrubs with a short lifespan, though the famous Samán del Guère near Maracay inVenezuela is a huge Albizia saman specimen several hundred years old. The leaves are pinnately or bipinnately compound. The small flowers are in bundles, with stamens much longer than the petals. The stamens are usually showy, although in some species such as A. canescens the flowers are inconspicuous.[2]

Unlike those of MimosaAlbizia flowers have many more than 10 stamens. Albizia can also be told apart from another large related genus, Acacia, by its stamens, which are joined at the bases instead of separate.[3]

Albizias are important foragetimber, and medicinal plants,[4][5] and many are cultivated as ornamentals for their attractive flowers.

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